2Tier cupboard organisers

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Keep everything right where you need it with these handy basket drawers, great as a cupboard space saver!


Keeping a well-stocked home can leave kitchen and bathroom cabinets overflowing, with the thing you’re searching for always right at the back.


This pull out kitchen storage will ensure that all of your items stay where you put them and are easy to see and access whenever you need to


. The simple but effective 2-tier design creates extra space, like adding a new shelf without any messing around with spirit levels and hammers!


The drawers are really straightforward to assemble, with no tools required; simply slot the pieces TOGETHER.


The Ideaworks Basket Drawers are made of lightweight plastic – durable enough to hold plenty of items while still being really easy to transport to wherever you need them.


The basket weave design enables you to see what’s in them without even pulling them out, but when you do, they slide out smoothly and without any annoying tugging or straining.


The frame’s non-skid feet will keep it steady, while its drawers only slide one way so you won’t end up with things falling out the back and getting lost!



There are so many potential uses for these drawers; they don’t need to be hidden away in a cupboard as their simple design means they will suit any room.


They would make a lovely addition to a craft room or vanity table, helping you to organise all those little things that can so easily get lost when you’re working on a big project.


Revitalise your storage space with these airy and versatile cupboard storage baskets!







● Kitchen Cupboard organiser


● Bathroom Organiser


● Spice organiser


Size – 42.8 x 20.2 x 9.6cm


Price – R170




TAKE 2 SETS FOR ONLY R300Moldiv_1469610670480