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Super soft damp play sand in fun vibrant colours


Have your kids build magical sand castles and more with this kinetic sand play set. With an inflatable sand pit and various building moulds, kids can let their imaginations run wild and create their very own magical worlds without needing a traditional outdoor sand pit. Two sand bags in two funky colours means enough sand for friends to play together in the inflatable sand pit without a problem.

Amazing benefits of kinetic play sand


The damp clay-like effect of kinetic sand makes your sand creations hold their shape and form. Break them down, and you will once again have the same soft sand. Kinetic sand never dries out and can be moulded again and again. Kinetic sand is also known to stick to itself, and thereby, you are never left with a sandy mess. Store the sand in its sealable bag after use to keep it clean and in tact.


This play set includes:

Mini inflatable sand pit (62 x 50 x 5 cm)

Two bag of colourful kinetic sand (2 x 350g)

6 x Plastic sand castle building moulds

1 x syringe air pump


Magic Sand Kinetic Sand Play Set is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and safe to use for children of 5 years and older.


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